What are the methods of Kaiping spaghetti

2020-09-10 17:41:17

The taste of spaghetti mainly depends on the sauce. As long as we master certain manufacturing skills, we can make our own spaghetti in line with our own taste at home. Next, we will introduce some common methods of spaghetti.

Method 1: green sauce pasta

Ingredients: pasta, fresh basil, parmesan cheese, garlic olive oil

Seasoning: garlic, pine nuts, lemon, salt, black pepper


1. Wash the fresh basil, put it into the container, peel and slice the garlic, fry the pine nuts with low heat, and then put them into the container;

2. Squeeze in lemon juice, add garlic olive oil, smash all the ingredients with a stirring stick, and stir in cheese;

3. Add salt and olive oil in boiling water, and then add spaghetti to cook for about 7 minutes. Stir fry the spaghetti and sauce evenly after cooking. Add salt and black pepper to taste.


Method 2: Pasta with curry sauce

Ingredients: pasta, curry sauce, quail eggs, onion, carrot


1. Boil water in a skillet, add a small amount of salt and oil to cook the spaghetti;

2. Heat the pan with olive oil, stir fry the onion until fragrant, then add carrot, and when it is ready to fry, add quail eggs and curry sauce;

3. After the sauce is cooked, pour it on the pasta.

Spaghetti doesn't have to be cumbersome to make. It can also be made delicious in a very everyday way.

Source: Kaiping pasta http://www.gdklsp.com/

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