How to cook Kaiping pasta

2020-09-10 17:41:17

If you are not good at cooking, but you want to make western food easily, then you are recommended to make spaghetti. The method of spaghetti is simple. It can be boiled with water and sauce. How do you cook spaghetti? Let's learn about it together!

1. Boil noodles first. After boiling the water in the pan, add a spoonful of salt and olive oil, and add a small amount of spaghetti. Don't worry to stir with chopsticks to let the noodles scatter naturally. When the root of noodles softens, turn them over with chopsticks quietly and cook for 8 minutes with the lid.


2. When the noodles are about 7-8 ripe, take them out, rinse them with cold water, let them cool down, or put them into ice water, scratch them, and then drain the water. Add some olive oil and mix them with chopsticks. Set aside.

3. Pour the prepared sauce directly on the cooked noodles, turn the heat a little bit bigger, pour the noodles in, quickly mix them with chopsticks, and stir well, then you can start!

Source: Kaiping pasta

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