Do you need to soak the spaghetti before cooking

2020-09-10 17:41:17

Everyone must have eaten spaghetti, but many people are worried that they can't cook the taste of Western restaurants when they cook spaghetti at home. Spaghetti is hard and different from our traditional Chinese pasta. Therefore, many people have the same question: do you want to make spaghetti? Is it better to cook after soaking for a while? In fact, spaghetti doesn't need to be soaked! You can never soak it before cooking.


If the spaghetti is soaked in hot water before cooking, the noodles will not have the original toughness. As we all know, the great feature of spaghetti is toughness and chewiness. After making a big splash, the spaghetti has lost its original taste. In fact, spaghetti can be used to cook directly. You just need to pay attention to the methods and tips when cooking, so that you can easily cook delicious pasta with appropriate hardness and softness!

Spaghetti itself is made of wheat, so the texture will be relatively hard, but generally in this hardness of noodles and people usually eat hard fans is not the same thing. When cooking hard vermicelli, they usually soak it in advance, so many people mistakenly think that spaghetti needs to be soaked. We must not be confused!

Source: Kaiping pasta

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