What kinds of Kaiping pasta

2020-09-10 17:41:17

Many people like to eat spaghetti, but not everyone knows what kinds of spaghetti there are! Spaghetti is different from our traditional noodles. It can be divided into 400 kinds according to the length and shape. It can be cooked in different ways. It won't be repeated 365 days a year! What are the varieties of spaghetti? Next Kaiping pasta for us to introduce several common varieties, let's rise together to see!

1. Pappardelle: Italian people usually cook it at home with various sauces. It can be mixed with Boletus and other fungi to highlight the mushroom flavor.

2. Penne: its slant mouth is similar to the shape of the pen tip of a quill pen. The hollow part and the surface of the pen can absorb more water. It is especially suitable for mixing tomato flour paste or Italian meat sauce.


3. Pasta lunga: commonly used pasta varieties, such as spaqhetti, which are divided into 15, 16, and 18 cm thick noodles, which are commonly used to mix tomato flavor pasta sauce.

4. Fusil Ji: the spiral shape of the surface texture is easy to stick to the paste, so it is suitable to mix rich sauce such as cream cheese sauce or meat sauce.

5. Shell s: the more delicate small shell noodles can be used for noodle soup or salads with Italian oil and vinegar sauce.

6. Angel hair: noodles are as thin as noodles, so it's better to mix a light or thin sauce. ,

Source: Kaiping pasta http://www.gdklsp.com/

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