• What is spaghetti

    Pasta comes from the Italian country. Due to its special production technology and taste, it quickly became popular in Europe and became the main noodle in the world.With the rapid development of Chin


  • What kinds of Kaiping pasta

    Many people like to eat spaghetti, but not everyone knows what kinds of spaghetti there are! Spaghetti is different from our traditional noodles. It can be divided into 400 kinds according to the length and shape. It can be cooked in different ways. It won't be repeated 365 days a year! What are the varieties of spaghetti? Next Kaiping pasta for us to introduce several common varieties, let's rise together to see! 1. Pappardelle: Italian people usually cook it at home with various sauces. It can be mixed with Boletus and other fungi to highlight the mushroom flavor. 2. Oblique


  • Is Kaiping pasta high in heat

    Spaghetti, also known as spaghetti, is a kind of pasta which is close to Chinese eating habits in Western food. Spaghetti is very popular, not only because of its strength, but also because of its rich nutrients. As a staple food, the calories of spaghetti are not high. Those who love beauty and love to eat spaghetti can concentrate on eating spaghetti, because the calories of every 100 grams of spaghetti are about 350 calories. It is not easy to get fat if you eat a proper amount of spaghetti. The main heat of pasta is actually the ingredients, and the pasta itself is not high in heat. Italians have a long life expectancy and fewer obese people, just like their favorite pasta


  • Do you need to soak the spaghetti before cooking

    Everyone must have eaten spaghetti, but many people are worried that they can't cook the taste of Western restaurants when they cook spaghetti at home. Spaghetti is hard and different from our traditional Chinese pasta. Therefore, many people have the same question: do you want to make spaghetti? Is it better to cook after soaking for a while? In fact, spaghetti doesn't need to be soaked! You can never soak it before cooking. If the spaghetti is soaked in hot water before cooking, the noodles will not have the original toughness. As we all know, the great feature of spaghetti is toughness and chewiness. So much


  • How to cook Kaiping pasta

    If you are not good at cooking, but you want to make western food easily, then you are recommended to make spaghetti. The method of spaghetti is simple. It can be boiled with water and sauce. How do you cook spaghetti? Let's learn about it together! 1. Boil noodles first. After boiling the water in the pan, add a spoonful of salt and olive oil, and add a small amount of spaghetti. Don't worry to stir with chopsticks to let the noodles scatter naturally. When the root of noodles softens, turn them over with chopsticks quietly and cook for 8 minutes with the lid. 2. When the noodles are about 7-8 ripe, take them out, rinse them with cold water, let them cool, or put them in


  • What are the methods of Kaiping spaghetti

    The taste of spaghetti mainly depends on the sauce. As long as we master certain manufacturing skills, we can make our own spaghetti in line with our own taste at home. Next, we will introduce some common methods of spaghetti. Method 1: main ingredients: spaghetti, fresh basil, parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil seasoning: garlic, pine nuts, lemon, salt, black pepper. Method: 1. Wash the fresh basil, put it into the container, peel and slice the garlic, fry the pine nuts with low heat, and then put it into the container; 2. Squeeze in the lemon juice and join the garlic flavor Olive oil,


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