[requirements for agents]:

1. Strong strength, good business reputation, quality and supply.

2. The customer is the most important thing. Everything is for the sake of the consumer.

3. Have strong management ability and market development ability.

4. We have enough attention and loyalty to our company's brand, and have the determination to make common progress and long-term cooperation with our company.

[support available]:

1. The company is committed to strict regional protection policies.

2. Good price protection: sell according to the price channel designed by the manufacturer to ensure the interests of dealers;

3. The company unifies the purchase price, gives full play to the dealer, guarantees the dealer's profit.

4. The company provides unified publicity materials, and through advertising channels to help dealers develop the market.

5. Strong personnel support: the manufacturer sends full-time salesmen to help dealers develop and maintain the market and implement tracking service;

6. Huge promotion support: terminal marketing products, manufacturers carry out various forms of promotion activities from time to time;

7. Advertising brand support: timely carry out advertising activities, combined with promotional activities for media publicity, expand awareness.

Investment hotline:

Chairman Huang 13924076112

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